Ushuaia, Beagle Channel (54° 48′ S / 68° 18′ W)

Sunday 13 February 2011

Weary from over 30 hours of travel, we are ecstatic to have finally landed in Ushuaia last night. It’s Sunday morning, and we have set out to explore the city in our own ways: some window shop along the main strip, others stroll along the waters edge photographing the local birdlife, and a few ambitious folks go for a morning run. The city is bigger than expected and caters to those venturing further south, with a plethora of penguin themed souvenirs, camera equipment, and outdoor gear. Most of us are still in disbelief as to where we find ourselves in the world – the southernmost city and gateway to Antarctica.

We regroup in the afternoon for a St Andrews family photo and then dine on some local cuisine. The quiet empty streets from this morning are now bustling with cars, motorcycles, pedestrians, and friendly stray dogs. We browse a market with traditional dancing and handmade crafts, and a couple of us are already wondering how much more our luggage hold.

Excitement and anticipation are building as each day brings a new experience. Tomorrow we look forward to examining one of the largest collections of marine mammal skeletons in South America.

(Kathleen, MRes MMS)

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