Expedition day, Ushuaia (54° 48′ S / 68° 18′ W)

Wednesday 16 February 2011

This day has pretty much been filled up with Students on Ice (SOI) activities. After starting the day with icebreaker games in the courtyard, we went on to “speed-dating” between students and expedition staff. This involved groups of students rotating between different tables hosted by staff members where short 15 minute discussion sessions were held. This was a great way for us to get to know all the staff, and find out a bit more about their interests and backgrounds. The expedition staff team consists of 29 scientists, professors, ex-policymakers, adventurers and facilitators with a variety of exciting backgrounds.
After lunch (not a fantastic one) at the hotel we went on to an interesting lecture on Antarctica and the Earth system (oceanography) and one on palaeontology and the evolution of Antarctica. The great thing about this expedition is the variety of disciplines being covered, giving us all the opportunity to learn from each other.
We dashed up the road for a quick shopping frenzy for important equipment, such as postcards and straps for our sunglasses (and batteries, tape measure) during the afternoon. Due to a lack of time we held our planning meeting for our practical projects and data gathering while enjoying dinner at a local restaurant.
We ended the evening at the hotel watching photos from Antarctica and will now go on to sweet dreams during the last night before we head out the Beagle channel on the M/V Ushuaia. Photos and videos of the day will be available on “www.uantarctic.org”.

(Harald, St Andrews visiting student)

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