2 April – Return of this year’s polar explorers

Tuesday 2 April 2019

The Antarctic explorers are back in St Andrews, tired by very happy. What a stellar trip! A lot of impressions, experiences, observations and sights to digest….

After a long 13 hour flight from Buenos Aires we arrived back to Europe and touched down at Schiphol airport – a coffee/ tea later we were on the short hop flight across the Channel and arrived back to Scotland, home sweet home….

Views of Edinburgh, the Firth of Forth and three Bridges (photo by Sonja)

No rest for the wicked though – we all have class tomorrow at 0900h – reality and University life will hit us all too soon (oh how we already miss hotel manager Michael’s dinner or wake-up calls over the tanoy), but very fond memories remain! Watch this space for the favourite moments selection to come…

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