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Thursday 23 February 2023

Day 13 – 29th Jan, Buenos Aires and homeward bound

I woke up late on our final day in Buenos Aires. Simone wakes up sometime later and we lounge in our beds until about 10:30. Although we didn’t stay out super late the previous night, we both feel shattered. Realizing breakfast closes in about an hour and we still need to pack up all our things before heading to the airport, we manage to pull ourselves from the beds. Before heading for breakfast, we say goodbye to our room, check out and drop our bags at the front desk.

Breakfast was set in a corner room of the hotel, with late morning light filtering through the trees outside the windows along two walls. We were first greeted by a table in the center of the room stacked with various pastries, cookies, and other sweets. We located a table and descended upon the morning buffet. Along another wall, we found eggs as well as sausages that at first glance, looked like cherry tomatoes, and cups of jello. I piled fresh-cut fruit onto my plate along with a slice of potato omelet, hunks of hard cheese, and pieces of salami. Simone and I made several trips between the various tables and grazed on the breakfast assortment while enjoying the hotel’s curated playlist of soft jazz that featured an acoustic cover of Dynamite.

With only 30 minutes before the arrival of our taxi to the airport, Simone and I headed to the park across the street from the hotel. Since I had forgotten my camera’s SD card at home and wasn’t able to grab another until Ushuaia, I was desperate to snap some photos of the city on my camera before heading home. Tucked beneath the shade of what seemed like ancient trees, we could see the dog walkers and families were out in full force in Plaza General San Martín. And who could blame them? With a light breeze whispering through low-hanging branches, a hint of humidity to remind you it’s summer, and blue skies, the weather was truly idyllic. After wandering for a short time, we stumbled across an open plaza that overlooked Torre Monumental, the clock tower that celebrates independence. A time check revealed it was getting close to 12:30, so we began to meander back toward the hotel. We spied the statue of General San Martín and snapped photos of the stunning French-style architecture of Palacio San Martín on our way.

Images from out and about in BA (all by Jess)

Shortly after, our taxi picked up the pair of us along with Erin and began the 40-ish-minute journey to Ezeiza airport. Savoring our last glimpses of the city out the car window, Argentina said farewell through the young men juggling at a red light and the families picnicking along the highway.

Letting off some last minute steam before our flight!

Taxi ride sights (both by Jess)

Spotting other Hurtigrutens (both passengers and staff) we recognized in the queue, appreciating name interpretations by Starbucks baristas, and attempting to translate Spanish for another traveler in a kiosk filled our time before reaching our gate. With one last powerwalk and a trip down a slide in a VW-themed playpark, we hopped in the queue to board our 13-hour flight to Amsterdam.

With our plane taking flight, we bring a close to the 2023 BL5124 Antarctic Predators Fieldwork season. A massive ‘thank you!’ goes out to the Hurtigruten crew and passengers as well as Sonja and Kelly. It has been an absolute privilege to share a space and work alongside all of you!

 Written by Jess (right)

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