Favourite Moments I

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Here are the first five pictures capturing amazing moments during our recent Antarctic expedition.  Enjoy!!! : )

Laura: “As a marine mammal science student, I didn’t expect to be so taken by the penguins! This Gentoo cooling off had so much attitude and really won me over!”
Emily: “The morning I looked out of the cabin porthole and saw ice for the first time was the moment when it really dawned on me how lucky we were to be here, and upon running up to the deck the overwhelming majesty of the Antarctic landscape was just heart-stopping.”
Lizzie: “Everyone had chills as our ship squeezed between icebergs through the Lemaire Channel.”
Alec: “Five more minutes please…- This poor fur seal kept being woken up by noisy Gentoo penguins.”
Sarah: “Three Antarctic Shags in flight. I chose this as it was a real challenge for me to get a sharp picture of one bird, but in this one I somehow managed three!”

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