Thursday 18 May 2017

So we’ve been back from Antarctica for almost 2 months …. but the journey is not over…. for many of the Antarctic expeditioners this is a time of transition…. Our senior honours team members have finished their studies and are set to graduate in June with a BSc (Hons) degree from St Andrews. Our MSc team members have finished their (last?) exams (ever?) and are now getting ready for a short field trip to the West coast of Scotland (not quite Antarctica, but still, ….nice!) followed by a very intense 3-months period with their MSc dissertations.

Today was a great day because many of the SH and MSc explorers got together in St Andrews to deliver a departmental seminar in Biology – topic: our Antarctic expedition 2017. And amongst the many penguin appearances, there were tales of whales, more whales, seals and seabirds, …..and some funny videos… the explorers shared what they did, what they saw (hint, lots), what they loved…… Well done to the eight hard working explorers who filled an hour with fun, facts and memories! And we now have a cool expedition logo too….. (thanks to Naomi’s artistic talents!)….

St Andrews in the Antarctic….. recognise it?

(c) Naomi Tuhuteru


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